10 Useful Stable Supplies for the Lowest Price

When I start my online horse shopping, the first thing I do is write down a list of what I need, go to about 5 different horse sites, and compare prices on everything. This definitely takes up some time and patience so I figured I would do this for you guys! I wrote down what I thought would be the top 10 most used stable supplies and went to SmartPak, Dover, Stateline, Adam’s Horse Supplies, and Riding Warehouse to compare prices. Continue reading “10 Useful Stable Supplies for the Lowest Price”

top 5 visualization techniques to improve your riding

Top 5 Visualization Techniques to Improve Your Riding at Any Level

I’m a big time ball of nerves when it comes to showing. As much as I love going to shows and flaunting my studly horse, it usually ends up being a weekend of fluctuating emotions, constant panic attacks, and a lot of food aversion. The weekends tend to go a little something like this: Continue reading “Top 5 Visualization Techniques to Improve Your Riding at Any Level”

My Riding Goals in 2016

My Riding Goals in 2016

I’m a bit late in the New Year for this but I figured it’s better late than never. I didn’t think that I would even be able to write this post because in early January, I was told that there was a chance Reef wouldn’t be able to jump anymore due to his leg issues. At that point in time my goals shifted from eventing goals to dressage goals because the thought of getting a different horse was out of the question. Continue reading “My Riding Goals in 2016”

Becoming A Working Student: Part Two

Becoming A Working Student: Part Two

If you missed Becoming A Working Student: Part One, go read it! Here I am to tell you more…

The daily life of a working student is a busy one. There’s no set hours, no guarantee of a day off, and a lot of work. You never seem to run out of things to do. My daily life as a student had some routine to it, but I never woke up feeling like I was in the movie “Groundhog’s Day.” Continue reading “Becoming A Working Student: Part Two”

A Family Fun Barn Day

A Family Fun Day At The Barn

So yesterday was gorgeoussss outside and my mom decided to come see Reef with me! We also brought my dog Sheila (an australian shepherd) and her dog Bouchon (a pomeranian). My mom is really not a horse lady, so this was a rare treat! Here’s some pictures she took! Continue reading “A Family Fun Day At The Barn”

Total Tack Makeover on a Budget

Show season is here and I decided it was time to spruce up my tack and gear! Unfortunately, I’m on a money saving binge and can’t afford to buy new supplies or fancy tack. So I took my old tack and gave it a little makeover! I searched online for some horse monogramming companies and found relativelystable.net to have the best prices. They have their own website as well as a store on Etsy. Continue reading “Total Tack Makeover on a Budget”