Questions with Teresa of Journey with a Dancing Horse!

Teresa is the author of Journey with a Dancing Horse and we asked her a few questions!

1. How old were you when you started riding and how did your journey begin?
Let me start with my journey – to be honest I believe it started with birth. I don’t remember NOT being drawn to horses. My mother was raising my brother and I on her own in the city. But in the summer we would visit my grandparents in the country. The neighbour had horses and my mother says that when I was very young- around 4 or so I would wander off to his pasture. He would bring me back to my grandparents house and say ‘she’s just sitting there with the horses. It’s dangerous’. My mother would explain that I couldn’t go there and I would nod and agree. Except as soon as their backs were turned I would go back. (This was in the day where the term ‘free-range parenting’ did not exist, kids belonged outside). I remember just sitting there being with the horses. We had very little money and there was no chance to do more than the odd trail ride when we were camping. I spent my free time drawing horses, reading about horses and fantasizing about horses.

Fast forward about 18 years and I was graduating university and heading to Graduate school. I had managed to gain scholarships to pay for this which was good because there still was not a lot of money. But my mother wanted to buy me a special gift for graduating and she asked me what I wanted. A riding school near the university was offering adult ‘learn to ride’ packages and I told her that was what I wanted. She had been thinking something more tangible but she wrote the check. I was excited for the first lesson and was waiting for something to happen that would make it all disappear. But that didn’t happen and I had my first lesson. I loved it- it finally felt that I was where I belonged. The feeling has never disappeared. That was 30 years ago and now I’m 52. Except for a few times (when I was pregnant and/or poor) I have not stopped riding.

Lots of people love horses but I believe that there are some people who are born with horses in the blood. I believe that I am one of those people.

2. What discipline do you ride in and do you actively compete?
I love dressage ever since I had my first lesson in it (many years ago). I love searching for the connection between horse and rider. Like any sport there are those who use force and/or use shortcuts but many just want to achieve a partnership. I also really enjoy competing. For me it’s a way to test where we are in the training and to identify holes. I also love hanging out with others who love the sport as well. I haven’t actively competed for a few years but I plan to start with Carmen next year.

Carmen: Andalusian Mare, aged 6
Carmen: Andalusian Mare, aged 6

3. Why did you start up an equestrian blog and how long have you been writing?
When we bought our small property and built the barn I brought Irish (my older gelding) home. I was planning to get another horse and my dream had been to buy a yearling and raise it. I wanted to develop a partnership from the beginning. I was so excited when I brought home Steele. At the same time I had discovered the world of horse blogs. I wanted to keep a diary of the training so a blog seemed like the perfect fit. It didn’t take long for me to discover how addicting writing a blog would be. I started the Journey with a Dancing Horse Blog in 2011. I had always loved writing and it has been a good outlet for me. Writing also helped me to heal after losing Steele.

Steele: aged 4 years at the time this was taken
Steele: aged 4 years at the time this was taken

4. What’s a fun fact about you that your readers might not know? (can be horse related or not)
When my husband and I first moved to our town my husband and I wanted to meet some people so we joined the local Curling club. I’ve been curling ever since and I really enjoy it. After all, why enjoy just one sport that requires finesse and precision and is nearly impossible to achieve perfection when you can have enjoy two?

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