Money Mondays – Cast your vote!

So in my last post I mentioned how the Louisiana T-shirt line will be done as of December 31st. There are many reasons for this but one of them is that I want more than 10% of profits to go to an equine charity and it just wasn’t doable with so much online overhead.

So, I will now have a charity shirt where 100% of profits will go to an equine charity! Only a few people voted on the t-shirt design last week so I need some more votes!

I also want to get you guys involved more often. I created this blog to help horse people save money or have a few laughs and I really hope to connect with you guys even more. If you are an equestrian business, you can join The HorseHack Project and receive free advertisements with me: SIGN UP HERE.

If you’re a reader, all I ask is that you continue to read and give be feedback on what you want! If it’s a certain topic you want me to write an article on or maybe a t-shirt you think is neat, just send me an e-mail at

I’ll have a lot more polls for you guys to vote on as I have exciting ideas and news coming in 2017!

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