About Us

HorseHack.com is designed to help the everyday horse owner save money on an expensive passion.
We feature money saving tip articles, DIY tricks, and more!

Most importantly, we believe in the business model of “Community over Competition,” especially when our sport already has all of the judging and competition it needs. We promise to work hard and give back to our fellow horsemen and horsewomen of the world whenever possible.

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AboutAryelle Stafford is the founder of HorseHack and The HorseHack Project.

She began riding in the Hunter/Jumper world at age 11 and has never stopped riding since.

In college, she competed for her IHSA team as well as switched over to eventing on her half hippo half horse, Brownie. During this time, she learned every budgeting and money saving trick she could in order to actively own and compete in both sports.

Today, she is a graduate student still living on a tight budget, but competing in the world of eventing on her new horse, an OTTB named Reef.

Until the day she wins the lottery, she’ll be coming up with creative ways to save herself (and others!) money in this expensive sport!


fb_img_1474411331914Zoe Robison is a solid 9 beauty queen and the graphic designer of HorseHack.com

Though her experience with horses is limited to the one time she rode Reef, her love of animals and incredible artistic talent are seen throughout our site!

She is the lead designer for all of our logos and does freelance work on the side.

When she isn’t designing a wonderful piece for us, she spends her time taking care of her adorable corgi, Louis!