Money Mondays – Cast your vote!

So in my last post I mentioned how the Louisiana T-shirt line will be done as of December 31st. There are many reasons for this but one of them is that I want more than 10% of profits to go to an equine charity and it just wasn’t doable with so much online overhead.

So, I will now have a charity shirt where 100% of profits will go to an equine charity! Only a few people voted on the t-shirt design last week so I need some more votes!

I also want to get you guys involved more often. I created this blog to help horse people save money or have a few laughs and I really hope to connect with you guys even more. If you are an equestrian business, you can join The HorseHack Project and receive free advertisements with me: SIGN UP HERE.

If you’re a reader, all I ask is that you continue to read and give be feedback on what you want! If it’s a certain topic you want me to write an article on or maybe a t-shirt you think is neat, just send me an e-mail at

I’ll have a lot more polls for you guys to vote on as I have exciting ideas and news coming in 2017!

The Louisiana Equestrian T-shirt Line Ends December 31st

That’s right. We’ve made the executive decision to remove this t-shirt design from our collection and instead focus solely on equestrian charities. That means that our shop will no longer exist as of January 1st, so if you haven’t bought your Louisiana Hunter, Jumper, or Eventer t-shirt yet, I suggest you do it soon!

Instead, we will be selling a simple charity shirt where 100% of net proceeds will go to an equestrian charity in need. The shirts are posted below so please cast your vote for which one you like best! (There will be more colors available than just white but the design will remain the same).

I would love to hear any feedback you have on this project via comments below or an email to!

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We’ve Officially Launched!

Our store is open and today only you can get 10% off just by entering your email! 

The HorseHack Project”, was made to give back to the equestrian community. Part of our shop proceeds go to non-profit horse organizations around the world. So, for every item you buy, you’re donating to a horse charity in need. Check out our current cause on this page!

Interested becoming an affiliate for The HorseHack Project? Check out this article and see if it’s for you. Not only would you be helping our charities, you and your horse would also be rewarded!

So head on over to and shop away!! Because when you shop, you’re really giving back to a sport you love 🙂 

HorseHack is searching for affiliates

HorseHack is Searching for Affiliates to Join “The HorseHack Project”

Get ready for the upcoming launch of “The HorseHack Project”! This project will enable equestrians to make extra income that can be used towards their passion as well as give back to the equestrian community!For this project, we need hard working and passionate equestrian affiliates! Continue reading “HorseHack is Searching for Affiliates to Join “The HorseHack Project””