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Hi there!

If you’re an equestrian business, here’s a bit more info on The HorseHack Project for you!

If you do choose to join our project, we will be featuring you anytime you have a sale, even if it’s just for one product! Just send us the info and a picture (if you’d like) and we will be happy to spread the word.

Because of our mantra “community over competition,” we also recommend that you suggest other equestrian businesses for us to contact so that more people can become involved. The benefit is that for every business you name, you can earn points! What do these points give you and how does it work?

I’m glad you asked.

• Name a business: 2 points a piece
• One of those businesses join: 3 points a piece
• Send us an update on your upcoming sales: 5 points
• Mention us on your site or social media (either e-mail us about it or tag us): 10 points
• Create a discount code made for HorseHack readers (such as 10% off when you use the code “horsehack”): 100 points

For every 20 points you earn, we’ll make a shout out to your business on one of our social media platforms.
For every 50 points you earn, we’ll put you on our permanent side bar as a business we recommend for an entire week.
When you reach 200 points, we’ll keep you on that sidebar for a month!
When you hit 1000, you’re going on there forever!

The points accumulate as you continue through the project, so you never go back to zero.

Best part? We keep track of your points for you! All you need to do is join our community and spread the word!

You’ll get all of these advertisement perks FOR FREE, so what’s the harm?

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